At Van Horn Truck Center, we are the RAM truck dealers in Plymouth, WI that put customer satisfaction first. As a leading truck dealer, we understand that a majority of our customers have a love for the great outdoors and want to trek into the wilderness with their new or tried-and-true RAM truck.

What does it mean to drive an off-road-capable truck? Well, there is a multitude of mechanical factors involved that contribute to an off-road-ready truck’s versatility. Sure, technically you can take any vehicle off the pavement. However, there is no guarantee that you or your car will be safe while doing so.

Vehicles that are ready for the trail are ones that can handle the diverse and rough terrain with ease, whether it be with the assistance of four-wheel drive, an adaptable suspension, or traction control. These vehicles are also better protected from hazards and obstacles on the trail. The two main factors that contribute to making an effective off-road vehicle are ground clearance and the tire type.

Ground clearance is the amount of space that separates the ground from the underbelly of your car. There are plenty of critical components stored underneath your car, and keeping them up and out of harm’s way can make all the difference. The kind of tires on your vehicle is a huge contributor as well. The terrain of many off-road trails don’t offer the same level of traction that paved roads do. Having durable, off-road grade tires can get you out of sticky situations and help you stay safe on the trail. They are made with a deeper tread and wider grooves for more traction.

No matter what kind of truck you take off the pavement, it is worthwhile to have a dedicated service team near Appleton, WI by your side; our truck service center at Van Horn Truck Center is certainly a valuable ally. Our maintenance team can get you everything you need to tackle the great outdoors and will provide you with the tools to keep you safe while you experience the wilderness like never before.