Here at Van Horn Truck Center, we offer some of the best RAM trucks on the market. We are also staffed by a team that is passionate about two things: top-notch customer service and seasonal vehicle maintenance.

With spring on the horizon, we can expect better weather, warmer temperatures, and much more favorable road conditions. Winter can put your vehicle through a lot of strain. Between unpredictable weather, the frigid cold, and less-than-satisfactory road conditions, it makes sense why many automotive technicians stress the importance of spring maintenance; especially for drivers who experience the winter weather of Plymouth, WI.

But what does spring maintenance mean? Well, for one, our technicians might recommend that you have your tires inspected. The change in temperature can affect the pressure of your tires, which not at an optimal level, can cause drag and excess wear on your tread. The ever-shifting road conditions of winter can also put plenty of strain on your tires, and having them inspected can help you avoid some more serious mechanical issues.

We’ll also recommend that you have your car cleared of road salt. Road salt is used during the winter to help cars keep traction with the road. However, this it can corrode the metal components of your vehicle over an extended period. By having the road salt fully cleared from your vehicle, you can protect your vehicle’s paint job and the long-term well-being of your vehicle.

No matter your unique automotive maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered at Van Horn Truck Center. We are a RAM truck dealer that is dedicated to its customers and will go above and beyond to ensure that your car runs smoothly on into next spring.