Few RAM dealers are as passionate about their customers as we are at Van Horn Truck Center. We are always willing to answer any questions our customers may have, and one reoccurring topic is how to improve fuel efficiency.

Gasoline is becoming expensive, especially as temperatures rise. While plenty of RAM trucks are becoming more fuel efficient and designed with MPGs in mind, saving at the pump is still as important as ever. But how do you stretch your gallon?

Improving the fuel economy of your RAM truck all comes down to a few crucial components, your motor fluids, air filters, and your tires. Paying attention to these three components can help you earn the higher end of your MPG rating and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

First things first, your tires can cause added friction when they are bald or improperly inflated. This excess friction can contribute to a sharp loss in fuel economy. Poorly balanced tires can also force your engine to work harder, which can hurt your fuel economy as well.

Motor oil is another major factor in fuel economy. Motor oil is a lubricant for your engine; however, over time, this lubricant can build up deposits of grime. This grime has the potential to cause the lubricant to become less effective, which can make your engine work harder, in turn burning more fuel.

Lastly, your air filters act as ventilation for your engine, and just like motor oil, your air filters can become clogged over time. By swapping out your air filters when they become dirty with debris, you help boost your fuel economy and improve the long term health of your vehicle.

If you have any questions about fuel economy or maintenance, the team of automotive technicians in our RAM service and parts center is here to help. At Van Horn Truck Center, we promise all of our customers only the best service possible.