Here at Van Horn Truck Center, we are a RAM dealer that prides itself on our customer’s satisfaction. We go above and beyond to ensure all your needs are met, and most of all, we will answer any questions you may have. One of the reoccurring subjects of discussion with our customers is what to do after you pop a tire.

Our tires are far from invincible. Like nearly all car components, tires undergo plenty of wear, and while they may last quite a long time, they are subject to breaking; and they can break quite unexpectedly. Fortunately, by preparing ahead of time, you can avoid having to rely on roadside assistance.

In order to change a flat tire, you’ll need a car jack, an air pressure gauge, an air compressor, and a wrench. When a tire gives out on you, find a safe space to pull over and replace the busted tire with a spare.

Once you’ve found an adequate place to stop, raise your vehicle using the car jack, and remove the wheel using your wrench. Before installing the spare, you should check the spare’s air pressure levels. Spare tires often sit unused for months or even years, so there is no telling if it has retained optimal air pressure. If it is low, use your air compressor to bring it up to recommended levels.

Once you’ve got your spare installed, the time comes to seek out a professional. At Van Horn Truck Center, we offer the resources and tools required to either repair your flat tire or help you find a replacement. The skilled technicians in our truck service center will inspect your vehicle from bumper to bumper to get your car out rolling on the road again.