Here at Van Horn Truck Center, we do more than offer new and used trucks for sale. We also strive to help our customers keep their pickup trucks running smoothly. Throughout the summer season, we encourage our customers to keep a close eye on their engine’s temperature.

If you’ve ever opened up your hood while your engine is running, you may have noticed the amount of heat this incredible piece of machinery gives off. For the most part, this heat is natural. In a healthy engine, the temperature is regulated by a fully functioning radiator and cooling system. Although during the summer months, keeping your engine cool can be a bit of an ordeal.

We recommend that drivers have their radiator and coolant levels inspected to ensure they’re able to accommodate the high temperatures and heat indexes.

Your engine also requires cool air to function properly, and with the summer heat, this need is doubled. To ensure your powertrain continues to get a clean channel of air, we urge our drivers to visit our truck service center to have their air filters inspected and swapped out.

While keeping your engine cool through summer is important, the same goes for you and your passengers. Before summer sets in with heat wave after heat wave, we suggest you visit our RAM dealership in Plymouth, WI to have your air conditioning serviced by a trained professional. Car maintenance can be difficult, particularly during summer, but at Van Horn Truck Center, we make maintaining your vehicle straightforward and easy.