While Van Horn Truck Center is one of the leading RAM dealers in Plymouth, WI, we’re also known for the many maintenance services that we provide. One of the common questions our service team receives is ‘how to care for a car after 50,000 miles,’ and many are surprised to hear that they can still get peak performance from their engine.

Just because your vehicle’s odometer reads 50,000 miles, doesn’t mean that it’s nearing its twilight years. Contrary to popular belief you can still get an incredible drive out of your engine beyond 50,000 miles, all it takes is a bit of skilled maintenance.

One of the many services we provide from our RAM service center for vehicles over 50,000 miles is oil changes. Motor oil is a crucial lubricant used for keeping all of the moving parts of your engine moving smoothly. Over time, this motor oil can develop grime deposits, which in turn can dampen its overall effectiveness. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by changing out your motor oil once every 5,000 miles.

We also suggest drivers of vehicles over 50,000 miles replace their air filters on a regular basis. Your air filters ensure that your engine gets a clean channel of air, which, in turn, keeps the engine running at an optimal temperature. Much like motor oil, your air filters can wear out over time becoming clogged with debris. By replacing your air filters once every three years, you can keep your long-running truck running smoothly.

No matter what kind of maintenance you’re looking for, our service team at Van Horn Truck center are more than happy to help. We’ll ensure that your high-mileage vehicle continues to operate at peak performance for years to come.