Talk to any off-road enthusiast, or visit any off-road trade blog, and you’ll likely see drivers stressing the importance of off-road tires. At Van Horn Truck Center our Plymouth RAM dealers understand the ins and outs of off-roading, and for us, having the right set of tires is central to a great off-road experience.

No matter what type of tire you invest in, it is important to note that all tires are fairly durable. Even your standard set off-street tires may have little trouble taking on light trails, although, as off-road enthusiasts ourselves we don’t recommend it. Street tires are meant for flat pavement, and while they can seem to handle minimal dirt, gravel, and rock quite well, there’s no telling how they’ll hold up in the long term. And when you take on more rigorous routes, you’ll likely be left with a flat tire somewhere out in the wilderness.

Off-road tires offer tremendous benefits for any adventurer, as they are not only more durable but are equipped with deeper tread, granting them better traction on a wide variety of terrain types. Whether your journey takes you through, snow, rain, mud. or rock, a good set of off-road tires should be able to take it all on with ease. On top of that, off-road tires handle well on the pavement as well, giving drivers the ability to venture out during poor road conditions with relative ease.

So, should you invest in a set of off-road tires? In truth, it all comes down to what you expect to be doing with your vehicle. Fortunately, our truck part experts at Van Horn Truck Center can help you out every step of the way.